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What's New Archive for 2012-2013  

Thanks to Jillian Landers from Biscayne Elementary for the link to this very informative online article on autism: 10 Things We Know About Autism That We Didn't Know a Year Ago

4/8/13 - Photos from Claude Pepper Elementary on Dr. Seuss Day have been posted in the Photo Gallery - thanks to Marian Tejada for sharing.

4/8/13 - An updated lesson plan template for TEACCH/ASD classes has been posted in Teacher Handbook, Apendix E and M.

4/8/13 - New Boardmaker board and phrase suggestions featuring Core Vocabulary by Dearta Smith has been posted on the Boardmaker page.

3/11/13 - The Suggested Goals for Common Core for Kindergarten have been reformatted into one document to fit on 3 pages: download here or in Teacher Handbook Appendix B6 or V6.

3/5/13 - NEW Suggested IEP Goals for Kindergarten based on the Common Core have been posted in the Teacher Handbook Appendix B6 and V6.

3/5/13 - New forms posted in the Teacher Handbook, Appendix L - Vision Resources, including consent for free eye exam and eyeglasses.

2/19/13 - Temporary Instructor/Substitute Day for POST-Assessments Form updated - be sure to use the most current form.

1/22/13 - "Positive Parenting Practices for Young Children with Autism and Other Developmental Delays " SPRING training sessions have been posted on the For Families page (in English).

1/22/13 - Anunciando nuevos "Enseñanzas Positivas Para Los Padres de Niños Pequeños con
Autismo y Otros Atrasos en el Desarrollo" el la página Para Familias (en Español).

1/16/13 - New forms added to the Teacher Handbook Appendix N for the Functional Assessment of Behavior process.

1/11/13 - Assistive Technology Implementation Plan (ATIP) form updated, please use new form from now on.Assistive Technology Procedures updated 1/15/13.

1/11/13 - Kindergarten Transition Power Point presentations on the Power Points page have been update for 2012-2013 for teachers who may be doing presentations to parents.

Autism Academy Applications for 2013-2014 School Year

Application Information

Application Form

10/17/12 - Information and schedules for the Positive Parenting Practices has been posted on the For Families page and Para Familias pages.

10/17/12 - Paren Questionnaire added to the Teacher Handbook, Appendix U. Includes BDI testing items that happen more often at home. Thanks to Marsha Erdmann for the contribution.

9/25/12 - New resources for scoring the BDI have been added to the Teacher Handbook, Appendix U.

8/20/12 - 7/23/12 - The old PRIME Time page has a new name and a whole new look. Check it out on the Success with AT (S.W.A.T.) page.

8/20/12 - All Teacher Handbook forms are updated.  I suggest always downloading fresh from the website each time and not use saved forms as they often change during the year.  Any changes after today will be noted with the date in red so teachers can use the most up-to-date forms. Some notably changed forms (more than just the new school year dates):

  • A7, A8, A9 – Monitoring forms now have signature space at bottom

  • C7 – VPK Assessment now added to role model consent form

  • Appendix E and Appendix T now include direct links to the COR online (T3) as well as links to HighScope curriculum info, Observation Items booklets and more

  • G1 – PD Calendar is posted.  There will likely be changes/updates so check often.

  • I2 now includes math materials

  • Some minor changes to N5 Functional Assessment of Behavior and N6 Positive Behavior Support Plan

U1 and U4 now include the VPK Assessment for role models

7/17/12 - A new Boardmaker Interactive Story has been added to the Boardmaker Downloads page - "I Went to Visit a Farm One Day". It will be featured at the Opening of School Preparation Day as a make and take project at the Interactive Storybooks station. Send in your registration now if you haven't yet!

7/17/12 - Link to the Children's Trust Bulletin - from Dolores.

7/11/12 - DID YOU KNOW... that all emails and memos sent to Pre-K SPED Teachers are posted on the Emails/Weekly Briefings page? Follow the pop up link under the For Teachers button on the left side of this page.