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What's New Archive for 2009-2010

6/2/10 - A wonderful resource for Individual Activities, created by Conchita de la Campa from Bent Tree Elem. has been added to the Idea Gallery and to the Teacher Handbook, Appendix M. Thanks Conchita!

5/28/10 - Links for Assistive Technology page updated with a link to Tots-n-Tech. Check out the great ideas featured there!

4/29/10 - The ATIP (Assistive Technology Implementation Plan) has been updated with check boxes that work! Try it out in Teacher Handbook Appendix J.

4/28/10 - Autism Internet Modules link added on the Links for Teachers page. Thanks to Kathy Velazquez for the tip!

4/28/10 - Photo Gallery updated with photos from the Week of the Young Child event held at the School Board Building.

Memorial for Liana Simon

This school year, we lost one of our own, Ms. Liana Simon from Claude Pepper Elementary. Liana was a friendly, dynamic, dedicated teacher who touched the lives of many preschoolers and their families. Her fellow teachers painted this mural on the playground wall - with the help of the children and their colorful handprints. A fitting memorial for a teacher who will be missed...

4/22/10 - Hundreds of photos for classroom labeling and independent work systems have been added to the Idea Gallery as well as the Teacher Handbook, Appendices H, I, K, and M. Thanks to Claudia Monsalve and Tara Basan for the photos.

4/19/10 - Photos for independent work tasks posted in Teacher Handbook Appendix M-1.

4/13/10 - New math/literacy idea from Stephanie Rad Quintana in the Idea Gallery - thanks Stephanie!

4/13/10 - Tara Basan added a 32 message board/ overlay for The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the Boardmaker Downloads - thanks Tara!

3/11/10 - Once again Paula Blair from PRIDE has worked her Boardmaker magic and created a series of boards to enhance imaginative play in an area of her room she set up with Prop Boxes. Check it out on the new Boardmaker Downloads Prop Box Play page.

New Site for Creating Boards - "PogoBoards.com"

Check out a new online site for designing custom communication and learning materials.Pogoboards.com includes millions of images and many ready-made boards to share. Free accounts or subscriptions are available. This is a great option for those who do not have access to Boardmaker software. Thanks to Tina McAlpin for the link!


University of Miami CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders) Award

At the 2010 CARD Awards Ceremony, the staff of thePrekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities was honored with the “Outstanding Educator” Award by the University of Miami CARD Center and received a plaque. The plaque is  in an area of distinction at the reception area in our front office. Our heartfelt thanks to the CARD Center for their recognition and support of the Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities, Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The staff of the Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities and the staff of the CARD Center have demonstrated that collaboration, enthusiasm, and dedication benefits everyone in the community.

Thank You to the Pre-K SPED Staff and the CARD Center Staff.  
Roni Bader-Tables, Executive Director Pre-K SPED

3/10/10 - New "featured link" on the Links for Children page. Hiyah.net features simple cause and effect computer activities for download or to play online - thanks to Ana Gispert for the tip! 3/10/10 - Two new classroom posters have been added to the Teacher Handbook, Appendix H (H-7 and H-8) - very good ones! Thanks go out to Paula Blair.

3/5/10 - Tara Basan at Gulfstream has shared a terrific idea for assisting minimally verbal children during Shared Reading. Check it out in the Idea Gallery.

3/5/10 - The ESY Calendar in Haitian-Creole has been updated for 2010. Find it in the Teacher Handbook, Appendix B. Thanks Zilkia!

2/24/10 - To assist teachers in preparing for Kinergarten Transition meetings, a new form has been added to the Teacher Handbook, Appendix V:
Kindergarten Transition Student Preparation ''
Kindergarten Transition Student Preparation ''

2/1/10 - Diane Koehnk from Morningside Elementary has shared some photos of a recent class field trip in the Photo Gallery - thanks Diane!

12/17/09 - Photo Gallery updated with holiday photos from Liberty City Elem. Thanks to Maria de la Vega for the photos!

12/17/09 - Great home learning idea contributed by Peggy Cabrera at Skyway Elementary - thanks Peggy! See it in the Idea Gallery.

12/10/09 - Look for many new Boardmaker Boards submitted by Alex Lopes from Carol City Elementary - on theActivity Specific page and the Cheap Talk 8 Activities page. Thanks Alex!

11/18/09 - The Math Power Point has been completely updated. Lots of great info and ideas on Pre-K Math. You can find it on Math page.

Meet Inspector Kenny

Kenneth C. started his school career in Cynthia Wheeler's Pre-K SPED class at Arcola Lake Elem. He's 15 now, and what a gentleman he has become! In addition to school work and an active social life, he is involved in many acitivities and projects with Shake-a-Leg Miami, including becoming a celebrity within our community in his starring role as "Inspector Kenny".

Read his exciting story here.

Then be sure to check out his series of videos as "Inspector Kenny" here!

Thanks to Cheryl Berwisht-Howard and Cynthia Wheeler for the links, photos and information.


11/4/09 - NEW on the Boardmaker Downloads pages: 
---Social Story by Lauren Tracy and Adrian Marban
---Cheap Talk 8 Basic Concepts overlays 
---NEW PAGE for Tech Speak 32 overlays with contributions by Tara Basan and Paula Blair

10/21/09 - New link on Recognition and Response from the Florida DOE added to Links for Teachers.

We have another National Board Certified Teacher in our Pre-K Family - Marsha Erdmann from Tropical Elementary. For her years of dedication to special education, and to our children in Pre-K, we congratulate her - this honor is well deserved. She credits her mentors, Delia Katz and Michelle Skalski for all their help.

Cynthia Wheeler has been named Teacher of the Year at Arcola Lake Elementary. She teaches our preschoolers in the Intellectual Disabilities class. Cynthia has been an asset and an inspiration to our program for many years - just check out the Islands of Possibility Update 2007 power point on the Islands of Possiblity page - to see her amazing work.

Natalie Schneider is the Rookie Teacher of the Year at Kendale Elementary in our Reverse Mainstream class. She comes to Pre-K SPED after two years of teaching elementary gifted. Natalie (photo, right) and her para, Isabel Gomez (photo, left) make a terrific team.

Conchita de la Campa was voted Teacher of the Year at Bent Tree Elementary. She teaches in the TEACCH class for our students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Congratulations Conchita!

Congratulations to Tara Basan, M.S. Ed., from Gulfstream Elementary on earning her National Board Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Well done

10/19/09 - In case you were having trouble with the chronological age calculator in Appendix U, try again with the new one Jonelle Dougery from Z.N. Hurston Elem found!

10/9/09 - PRIME Time Fact Sheet updated with new assistive technology devices, materials and software, updated prices.

10/2/09 - Another idea for The Hungry Caterpillar has been added to the Idea Gallery - Thanks to Diane Koehnk from Morningside Elementary!

10/2/09 - Wheels on the Bus songboard activity added to the Idea Gallery - thanks to Ayna Molina at Airbase Elementary!

10/1/09 - PD Calendar for October

9/28/09 - Announcing a brand new Boardmaker Downloads page: Toy Bin Boards. A huge thanks go out to Paula Blair for her extensive work in creating these boards and for sharing with us all! She designed them to fit into the cubbies/tubs where we store toys in the Toy Area. You will notice the great language she incorporated into each one!

9/28/09 - Another installment on the SLP in the Pre-K SPED class is posted on the Speech and Language page, check out "The SLP and the High/Scope Curriculum."

9/25/09 - Want to see which Pre-K SPED teachers are recommending students for the Consult Model? Check theShout Out page. What about adding your name to the list...?

9/22/09 - Results from the Adaptive Equipment survey are coming in. If you are looking for equipment, check theExtra Equipment page.

9/17/09 - A new presentation is up on the Speech and Language page entitled, "Greeting Time in the Pre-K SPED Classroom and the SLP." Check it out!

9/14/09 - Two new links featured this month on Links for Teachers - thanks to Dolores for the suggestion on how families and friends can help out with classroom materials in "tough times".

9/11/09 - You will all want to check out the Speech and Language page today! Tina McAlpin and Joan Reisinger, two of our Pre-K SPED SLPs have some exciting online presentations to share about how SLPs and teachers can work together in the classroom. The first in this series is up NOW!

9/11/09 - New on the Links for Children page is "storyplace.org" contributed by Marietta Faget and Natalie Schneider at Kendale Elem. Thanks!

9/11/09 - Check out a home/school communication idea from Stephanie Rad Quintana in the Idea Gallery! She also contributed new Boardmaker boards to the Flip Chart page and the Activity Specific page.

9/8/09 - The Professional Development Calendar with workshop dates and descriptions has been posted in Teacher Handbook, Appendix G.

9/3/09 - Take note of the new Consult Model section - with a button right in the left hand navigation bar. We're proud to have a home page for all our great VPK teachers. And check out the Shout Out page to honor all our Pre-K SPED teachers who have referred students to the Consult Model - ENJOY! 9/3/09 - The new Sibshops Calendar of meetings and the FDLRS Fall Training Series are now posted on the For Familes and Para Familias pages.

8/18/09 - Much of the Teacher Handbook was updated over the summer. Any changes made after 7/23/09 are listed in red behind the item. Be sure to print/use the most current version of any document and CHECK BACK as some changes may still be made.