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What's New Archive for 2008-2009

5/22/09 - Informational Flyer for MDCPS Summer VPK Program.

5/22/09 - New photos of two great events have been added to the Photo Gallery - thanks to Kerrianne Perry and Roni!

4/29/09 - Photo Gallery updated with photos from Week of the Young Child Event (thanks Delia!)

4/21/09 - Check out the featured links on the Links for Families and the Links for Teachers pages: Autism Internet Modules. Thanks to Diane Adreon from C.A.R.D., Dolores Mendoza and Tina McAlpin for the great link!

4/21/09 - Photo Gallery updated with photos from the 2009 Youth Fair (thanks to Laura Cawley for the photos!) and from Robbie Dockswell's recent retirement party at Pre-K. (thanks to Maria de la Vega for the photos!).

4/13/09 - M-DCPS Parent Involvement Survey added to For Families and Para Familias pages. Flyer also includes info in Haitian-Creole. Please encourage our families to participate in the survey.

3/26/09 - Updates were made to the Suggested Goals and Benchmarks for Kindergarten, Appendices B9 & V4 (the same document) to include goals at the supported and participatory level.

3/13/09 - Samantha D'Angelo from Blue Lakes Elementary shared some awesome Planning and Recall communication boards. They were so good I added a new page to Boardmaker Downloads. Check it out here. If anyone would like to contribute planning or recall boards I will add them.

3/6/09 - March Parent Training Calendars added to For Families and Para Familias pages.

3/6/09 - The main section of the Teacher Handbook and Appendix G-3 reflect changes in number of sub days for end-of-the-year post testing.

2/23/09 - Many documents in Teacher Handbook, Appendix B changed from .pdf to Word documents so they are editable and copyable. Thanks to Violet for the suggestion.

2/18/09 - Suggested Goals and Benchmarks for Kindergarten (Reading, Language Arts, and Math) added to theTeacher Handbook, Appendix B (IEP) and V (Transition). Thanks Cecilia!!

2/2/09 - House area furniture added to the Extra Equipment page.

1/23/09 - Photos of Roni's Educational Leadership Award moved to the Photo Gallery.

1/16/09 - EVEN MORE January events and trainings posted on For Families and Para Familias.

1/12/09 - Photo Gallery updated - thanks to Maria de la Vega for the photos of Liberty City Elementary.

12/15/08 - Two new helpful documents for IEP writing have been added to the Teacher Handbook, Appendix B7 & B8. Thanks to Cecilia Nuñez and the staffing specialists.

12/11/08 - Lissette Gil, psychologist, shares a great link appropriate for families to keep their children safe during the holiday shopping season. Check it out in the Idea Gallery.

ALSO, she shared a great link for calculating a child's chronological age. The link is on the Teacher Handbook,Appendix U-6. Thanks Lissette!

11/26/08 - Parent Training Calendars for December added to For Families and Para Familias.

11/26/08 - Idea Gallery updated with a great idea from Ame Travieso at Redondo Elementary!

11/3/08 - Results from the Adaptive Equipment Survey added to the Extra Equipment page. Spread the word to therapists to look there first for equipment. Thanks to all who responded to the survey!

11/3/08 - November PD Calendar for Pre-K SPED.

10/31/08 - Parent training calendars for November posted on For Families and Para Familias.

10/31/08 - Family Fest November 1, 2008 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Parker and Vann Thomson Plaza for the Arts.

10/29/08 - New key note documentation form added to the Teacher Handbook, Appendix T. Hope you find it helpful - thanks to the Tropical teachers for the idea.

10/28/08 - New forms for monitoring a student's diet, allergy and medical condition have been added to Teacher Handbook Appendix A-6 (Daily- Sample), Appendix A-7 (Daily - Blank)Appendix A-8 (Weekly/ Monthly - Blank),Appendix A-9 (Monthly - Blank).

10/29/08 - Photos from Malena Suarez's class at Stirrup Elementary added to the Photo Gallery - lots of fun!

10/29/08 - New Featured Link added to the Links for Teachers page. Great printable materials.

10/17/08 - The University of Miami has announced 90% tuition support for Pre-K Disabilities Master's Program - print here for more information.

9/16/08 - Parent and Child Activity Calendars added to For Families and Para Familias.

9/8/08 - Teachers - here is your invitation to the CEC Disability History and Awareness Weeks Reception. Also, here is how to order a CEC T-shirt for ESE Week.

9/8/08 - A very handy chart for keeping up with students assessments has been added to Teacher Handbook Appendix U-4. Thanks Dawn Peralta!

9/03/08 - Parents: Check out the M-DCPS Parent Pathway and School Board Rules on Parent Involvement on For Families.

8/20/08 - Coming Soon - Photos from our 1st Annual Classroom Preparation Day and a feedback survey for attendees...

8/12/08 - The Extra Equipment page will be continually updated as teachers notify us of available materials.

7/22/08 - "Encouraging Communication" Power Point added to Speech and Language page and to Power Point Downloads page. Thanks to Dolores Mendoza!

7/22/08 - Updates posted to the Boardmaker Flip Chart page. Thanks to Paula Blair for the new graphics and boards!

7/14/08 - First Then Board Templates added to Boardmaker Behavioral/Social page.

7/8/08 - Keep an eye on the Teacher Handbook page as we post updates throughout the summer. Updates are indicated in red.

7/8/08 - Information about the Half-Day Speech and Language classes has been added to the Speech and Language page. Thank you very much to Jo Kneuer from Hibiscus Elementary!