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What's New Archive for 2007-2008

6/25/08 - All emails from Roni and Dolores from the 2007-2008 school year are archived and available here. The regular Email and Memos page will begin displaying emails from the 2008-2009 school year.

6/25/08 - Our LEAP curriculum page has been updated with detailed research findings and a new LEAP Informational Flyer for download.

5/27/08 - Check out the Photo Gallery for a special treat from Julie Harte and Lorna Harrington at Hibiscus Elementary!

5/27/08 - Deanna DeCario from South Miami Elementary shares the words of a very catchy greeting time song/chant in the Idea Gallery. Thanks Deanna!

5/27/08 - Summer Camp Lists from the Autism Society, Miami-Dade Chapter and for South Dade added to For Families.

5/27/08 - New Link of the Month for Families.

3/19/08 - New Links for Teachers and Links for Families on Visual Strategies.

3/12/08 - Photo Gallery updated with pics of Karma the Therapy Dog at Silver Bluff Elementary.

3/11/08 - List of Websites for Communication / Behavior added to Appendix N of the Teacher Handbook - great stuff!

3/6/08 - Several newly posted emails from Roni and Dolores.

3/4/08 - Special NEW Boardmaker Download - the "Words!" Book, communication system. Check it out!
___ ALSO - New Boardmaker Downloads for Spanish boards and Story Symbols - thanks to Stephanie Rad Quintana from Air Base Elementary for all the great new boards!

2/12/08 - New Link for Teachers for February. In addition, check out this entire page of great Pre-K Links -Internet 4 Classrooms. Thanks to Diane Koehnk for the link!

2/12/08 - "Baking Cookies" board added to Boardmaker Activity Specific page.

12/13/07 - New link of the month on the Links for Teachers and Links for Families pages. GREAT information on toys for children with special needs - just in time for the holidays. Thanks to Beth Saunders for the link.

12/11/07 - Updated Full-day & Half-day Lesson Plan in Appendix E of Teacher Handbook.

12/11/07 - New link on Links for Families about Family Cafe, their annual Questions and Answers Book and their annual conference.

11/20/07 - A new photo tour of the Islands of Possibility class (PMH) at Arcola Lake Elem. added to the Power Point Downloads page. Thanks Cynthia!

11/14/07 - New Cheap Talk 8 overlays for the nursery rhyme posters on the BELL Phonological page.

11/13/07 - Teacher Handbook Appendix Q is no longer empty! Check out the different customizable data collection forms.

11/13/07 - Idea Gallery updated with Shared Reading Book List for parents created by Dawn Peralta. Thanks Dawn!

11/13/07 - Extra classroom equipment available at Christina Eve Elem.

11/7/07 - Great new idea added to the Idea Gallery and BELL Shared Reading download pages. Thanks to Michelle Skalski and Delia Katz!

10/30/07 - PELI Stages of Writing score sheet added to Teacher Handbook, Appendix U.

10/30/07 - LAP-D Age Equivalents for 3rd Edition added to Teacher Handbook, Appendix U in English and Spanish.

10/30/07 - Links of the Month for November posted on Links > For Families and Links > For Teachers (psst, teachers, you won't want to miss this one!).

10/25/07 - Photo Gallery updated with photos from Stephanie Rad-Quintana of Air Base Elementary.

10/10/07 - Parent Education Meetings for October posted in English and Spanish on both For Families and Para Familias.

10/1/07 - New Boardmaker Downloads page - inspired by contributions from Diane Koehnk - Home and Family.

9/29/07 - Check out Math in action from Kristi Perez at Stirrup Elem. in the Idea Gallery.

9/29/07 - Positive Parenting Practices schedules for DAYTIME and EVENING posted on For Families and Para Familias.

9/29/07 - New featured links for October on the Links for Families and Links for Teachers pages.

9/29/07 - Conscious Discipline page updated.

9/24/07 - Photo Gallery updated with photos from Diana Chica at Claude Pepper Elementary - THANKS DIANA!

9/24/07 - New Open House Power Point added to Power Point Downloads page. Thank you to the Pre-K staff at Charles Hadley Elem.

9/14/07 - Samples of completed ATIPs added to Appendix J of Teacher Handbook.

9/12/07 - Schedules of "For Males Only" support group meetings posted on For Families and Para Familias.

9/11/07 - Items added to Extra Equipment page.

9/11/07 - New Teacher Handbook Appendix A-6 - "Organizing Classroom Documents and Record Keeping" - and E-5 - "Substitute Letter" - THANKS Zilkia!

9/7/07 - Photo Gallery updated with photos from Priscilla Fernandez's class at JW Johnson Elem. PLC.

9/7/07 - Before attending any Pre-K SPED workshop or afternoon meeting, check the PD Calendar, as updates including sites and date changes are ongoing.

9/7/07 - Sibshops schedule for 2007-2008 now in English AND Spanish posted on both For Families and Para Familias.

9/5/07 - New Parent Presentation flyers in Appendix Y and new "FREE Pre-K" flyer in Spanish in Appendix S of the Teacher Handbook.

9/4/07 - Shared Reading lesson plan and PMH lesson plan #2 added to Appendix E of Teacher Handbook.

8/27/07 - New presentation, "A Good Foundation: Adaptive Positioning and Equipment in Pre-K" added to Power Point Downloads.

8/27/07 - Sample of a completed IEP added to Teacher Handbook, Appendix B-2.

8/27/07 - The School List has been updated on the Directory page.

8/27/07 - "La Hora del Café" flyer added to Para Familias page.

8/27/07 - New additions to Appendix M of the Teacher Handbook.

8/27/07 - Date changed (Oct. 6 -> Oct. 5) in PD Calendar.

8/22/07 - The front section of the Teacher Handbook is now posted.

8/21/07 - Added workshop (Sept. 29) and minor revisions to the Professional Development Calendar.

8/21/07 - By request, Pre-K SPED Staff Emails have been added to the Directory.

8/20/07 - Updates to the Teacher Handbook including the all new Appendix M.

8/16/07 - Sibshops Schedule flyer added to For Families page.

8/16/07 - Many updates to Teacher Handbook Appendices.

8/14/07 - Great content and photos added to Conscious Discipline page (Thank you Maria de la Vega)

8/14/07 - Updates to the Teacher Handbook added from today on will have the date in red beside the entry

8/14/07 - Some new classroom materials added to Extra Equipment page

8/14/07 - Print Resource Materials for Autism added to the Print/Video Library page

7/31/07 - Teacher Resource Room is now called Boardmaker Downloads (under the Resources button).

7/31/07 - Boardmaker Downloads now includes picture boards (and online activities if you have Boardmaker PLUS!) for Phonological Awareness.

7/31/07 - Our site is housed on a new server that does not support the "search this site" feature. If you are having trouble finding something on our site, email me at smiguel@dadeschools.net.

7/31/07 - In addition to continuing some familiar curriculum components (under the Curriculum button) - BELL, LEAP, Conscious Discipline, and Math - we introduce 2 new pages: Islands of Possibility (our curriculum for our Classrooms for Profoundly Mentally Handicapped) and Speech & Language (ideas for SLPs and teachers)!

7/31/07 - Speaking of curriculum components, PRIME Time Assistive Technology is no longer a mini site within a site but a page under the Curriculum button. And the old "Device Gallery" is now called the Adaptation Station and can be found under the Galleries button.

7/31/07 - A new feature is a page called Power Points Downloads (under the Resources button). If you would like to submit a Power Point to share, email the file to smiguel@dadeschools.net.

7/31/07 - Our old "Links" page has been divided into separate pages to make relevant links easier to find - check out the options under the Links button. The only exceptions are links that feature great websites in Spanish and those can be found on the Para Familias page.

7/31/07 - We still REALLY, REALLY need photo and idea submissions for our Photo Gallery and Idea Gallery (found under the Galleries button) both now and throughout the year! Submit photos and text to smiguel@dadeschools.net (make sure that you have a signed web release for each child in each photo).

7/31/07 - The old "Pre-K Network" page has been discontinued but we are looking into the possibility of offering online message boards for our teachers and paras.

7/31/07 - Get ready for great audio content this year! We will be offering podcasts (audio downloads) of some of the afternoon trainings and discussions as well as original content.