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Office of ESE

For District Staff

Follow-up Letters
     FL01- Staffed Not Registered- English
     FL02- Staffed Not Registered- Spanish
     FL03- Unable to Attend- English (Code E)
     FL04- Unable to Attend- Spanish (Code E)
     FL05- Absent from School- English (Code E)
     FL06- Absent from School- Spanish
     FL07- IEP from out of State or County Unable to Contact
     FL08- Unable to Contact Parent- English (Code B)
     FL08- Unable to Contact Parent- Spanish (Code B)
     FL08-Unable to Contact Parent- Creole (Code B)
     FL09- Withdrawn from School- English
     FL10- Withdrawn from School- Spanish
     FL11- Declined to Attend- Spanish (Code H)
     FL12- Declined to Attend- English (Code H)
     FL13-Staffed Not Registered- Consult

     Leave Card
     Payroll Processing Schedule
     Request for Leave
Directions for Leave Cards NEW for 2018-2019

Head Start
     Application (English)
     Application (Spanish)
     Application (Creole)
     Head Start/Early Head Start Centers 2017-2018
     Head Start FAQ
     Delegate PreK Consult Registration Packet updated for 2018-2019

Early Discovery
     Mutual Exchange (English)
     Mutual Exchange (Spanish)

Nursing Checklist (for Staff)
General Guidelines and Checklist for Nursing

     Request for In-School Nursing Memorandum (requires original documents attached) updated for 2018-2019
     Sever Allergy Action Plan
     Seizure Action Plan
     Action plans for medical conditions

     Student Record Info Sheet
     Notice of Staffing
     Staffing Information/Follow-up
     Monthly Log
Data Input Sheet

     SPED/SPED PreK Transportation Appeal Form
     Safety Vest Request updated for 2018-2019
Custom Safety Vest Form

     Voucher for Reimbursement of In-County Travel (for travel after 1/1/17)
     Voucher for Reimbursement of In-County Travel (for travel after 1/1/16)

Classroom Observations
     Classroom Inventory of Materials
Classroom Inventory of Materials for IND

     Head Start locator
     Miami-Dade County Community Services Map
PreK SPED 2018-2019 Programs