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The Consult Model

What is the Consulting Teacher Model?

two boys on the carpet in the block areaThe Consulting Teaching Model is a partnership program between the Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities, the Office of Early Childhood, and Title I to serve 4-year-old children with disabilities in Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) classrooms in their neighborhood schools.  A full-time general education teacher and a paraprofessional work together to provide an enriched learning environment.  Each classroom serves 17 non-disabled children and 1 child with disabilities.  say cheeseA certified special educational (SPED) consulting teacher visits the classroom on a monthly basis to assess the needs of the child with disabilities and provide the general education teacher with any necessary trainings, strategies, materials and adaptations to ensure success.   All needed therapies for the child with disabilities are provided at the school. 

The Head Start Consult Model is a partnership between Head Start and the Prekindergarten Program for Children With Disabilities. Head Start is a federally funded program of the US Department of Health and Human Services that provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to preschool children from low-income families. Children with disabilities attending Head Start programs, both in the public schools and at delegate sites are provided monthly consultation from a certified special education teacher. The SPED teacher assesses the needs of the child with disabilities and provides the general education teacher with any necessary trainings, strategies, materials, and adaptations to ensure success. All needed therapies are provided at a school near the Head Start site.


What are the advantages of the Consulting Teacher Model?

The Consulting Teacher Model provides an inclusive environment for children with disabilities, enabling these children to benefit from age appropriate role models for language, social, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.   The non-disabled children and their families become more sensitive to the needs of others and learn to appreciate individual differences.  The child with disabilities may bring unique talents and strengths to the classroom environment.  All children learn to work together, cooperate and help one another.

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How can the Consulting Teacher Support…

General Education Teachers?

by visiting the classroom on
a monthly basis and providing hands-on experiences and strategies to assist the child with special needs
by conducting teacher training workshops relevant to meeting the needs of their students with disabili­ties as well as other students with diverse learning styles
by purchasing and making any necessary materials


by helping to create an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) with appropriate goals and benchmarks
by offering strategies to determine their strengths and enhance their abilities
by providing adapted materials to help them participate and succeed in the general curriculum


by providing information regarding services, curriculum and procedures
by offering ideas and strategies for the home
by leading the Multidisciplinary team regarding the child’s special education needs and services

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Consult Forms

Potential Consult Student Recommendation Form