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Conscious Discipline

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Self-Regulation & Feeling Buddies
Mirta Veiga from the Reverse Mainstream class at Banyan Elementary has shared some pictures of Self-Regulation and Feeling Buddies in action.


Thanks to Maria de la Vega for the content of this page.


Conscious Discipline Flyers



Noticing and Encouraging

To introduce and promote noticing and encouragement, songs #4, 8 & 14 from "It Starts in the Heart" CD are recommended.

As you continue on your CD journey, it is essential to remember to NOTICE the children's accomplishments and to ENCOURAGE them by describing their actions.

child building with tubes and an adult offering encouragement

Follow these guidelines:

"(Child's name), you (what they did). You did it!"

EX: "Aldi, you built a tower with blocks. You did it!"


"You (describe what they did), so (describe how that helped others). That was helpful (or kind)."

EX: "Deborah, you showed your friends 'ballooning' so that they could relax. That was helpful!"

When you NOTICE children without judging them, you introduce unconditional love and acceptance in their lives. Notice the children fulfilling their commitments, describe what they did and offer encouragement. Encouragement promotes a child's positive self-esteem and resiliency.






Here are some great photos from Jeannie Verde's class at Coral Park Elementary - check out the "Santa Breathing" relaxation technique added to the rolling dice.

santa breathing picture on the rolling dice classroom of children doing santa breathing

conscious discipline job chart boy with i love you necklace




Go to Dr. Bailey's website for Free Stuff:

  • It Starts in the Heart (Lyrics &

  • Adorable Safe Place Icons

  • Much more!

You will also find new Conscious Discipline Materials:

  • Kindness Counts (#3 It's Brainsmart Time) 

  • New book, Shubert Rants & Raves

  • Portable Safe Place Mat with relaxation icons

  • Stress STAR.

New CD materials
Starts in the Heart CD and icons

boy relaxing in the safe placeConscious Discipline (CD) is a journey requiring an open mind and an open heart. The journey starts by learning the 7 Powers of Self-Control which shift your focus from blame to solutions, from punishment to teaching and from fear to love. Even though each power is discussed separately in Dr. Bailey's books, there is interdependence among the powers and when internalized, you will be able to utilize the 7 Basic Discipline Skills to handle conflict with children.

Thus far in our Prek CD journey, we have concentrated on the first two Powers:

1. The Power of Perception - no one can make you angry without your permission
2. The Power of Unity - we are all in this together


and the first two Skills:

1. Composure - becoming the person you want to be
2. Encouragment - building a school family

The classroom structures and activities which facilitate these powers and skills include:

  • Greeting Apron

  • Brain Smart Start

  • Activity to Unite

  • Activity to Disengage Stress

  • Activity to Connect/I Love You Rituals

  • Commitments (Gentle Touch, Be a STAR, My Turn, Read a Book with a Friend)

  • Safe Keeper Box

  • Wish Well Heart

  • Safe Place

  • Job Board

  • Friends and Family Board

  • Ways to be Helpful

  • Board/Books like "You did it!"

  • I Noticed Board

  • Good-bye Rituals

child using the wish well boardclassroom safe place  

Conscious Discipline is a "comprehensive social and emotional intelligence classroom management program that empowers both teachers and students. Based on current brain research, child development information and developmentally appropriate practices, the goal of the program is to provide systematic changes in schools by fostering the emotional intelligence of teachers first and children second." (from Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey