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Boardmaker Downloads- BELL Shared Reading

To download, open, edit and print these files you must have Boardmaker software, available from Mayer-Johnson. If you have Boardmaker PLUS, you will find that all files (except single message symbols) will "talk" on the computer - just open them and choose Dynamic Boards > Use.

This BELL Shared Reading Book Summary Chart/Board was designed by Michelle Skalski.

Download the
General Book Summary Symbols

The story specific symbols for the summary as well as idea webs are available by clicking the title links above.

bell shared reading book review chart

We designed a poster/chart that teachers and students can use at the end of the two week period of reading a particular book in Shared Reading to review the key points of the book.

This Shared Reading Book Summary Chart includes the Title, Main Idea, Author, Illustrator, Characters, Setting, and Sequence. It provides visual support for young students to better understand what is being reviewed. Teachers may use the visuals to build and extend language for second language learners. The pictures may also be used as Alternative/Augmentative Communication for students with various language abilities.






All the BELL (Building Early Language and Literacy) Shared Reading titles include downloads for several types of symbols/overlays. Below is a picture example and a description for use of each . REMEMBER that these are just a starting point - YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO CUSTOMIZE THEM FOR YOUR STUDENTS' NEEDS!


Single Message
Single Message Symbols can be used with a single, double, or sequenced message device. They are useful for participation in repeated lines/phrases or for independent story read-through or exploration.

Cheap Talk 8 Overlay

Cheap Talk 8 Overlays include language that helps a child participate in the oral language of a story (saying the verses or repeated line, naming the characters or actions, etc.). You can record the messages as written on each cell or any variation according to your lesson objective.

16 Choice Picture Board

16 Choice Picture Boards include messages for book skills, naming the main idea, and talking about objects and actions from the story. They are very general and WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CUSTOMIZE the language to make it more useful for your lesson objectives!



32 Choice Week 1

32 Choice Boards (Tech Speak 32 overlays) - Week 1 ("Walkthrough" for non-fiction titles) are designed with language necessary to participate in the picture walk. Adults should model by pointing to the messages as they speak and should encourage children to build phrases/sentences by sequencing messages.


32 Choice Week 2

32 Choice Boards (Tech Speak 32 overlays) - Week 2 ("Story" for non-fiction titles) are designed with language necessary to recite the story and experiment with the words of the author. Adults should model by pointing to the messages as they speak and should encourage children to build phrases/sentences by sequencing messages.



A Beaver Tale


Monsters' Party


The Red Rose




City Storm


Mrs. Wishy-Washy


The Tree House




Dan the Flying Man


Nine Days of Camping


Three Little Duck




Grandpa, Granpa


Poor Old Polly


To Town




Grumbles, Growls and Roars


Sing A Song


When Robins Sing




Hairy Bear


The Farm Concert


Who Will Be My Mother?




In a Dark, Dark Wood

The Jigaree

Yes Ma'am




Activity Specific




Prop Box Play


Behavioral and Social






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Toy Bin Boards


Other downloads can be accessed through the Boardmaker Online site, a community for registered users to share their Boardmaker creations.