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Boardmaker Downloads- Planning/Recall

To download, open, edit and print these files you must have Boardmaker software, available from Mayer-Johnson.


The following Recall Time boards are courtesy of Samantha D'Angelo from Blue Lakes Elementary:



Recall Template


Recall for Art Area and Easel


Recall for Block Area
and Lego Table


Recall for Computer




Recall for House Area
and Dress-Up


Recall for Sensory, Listening and Writing Areas


Recall for Toy and Book Areas





Activity Specific




Prop Box Play


Behavioral and Social






BELL Shared Reading


Home and Family


Schedules and Routines


BELL Phonological Awareness


Interactive Storybooks


Signs and Posters


Boardmaker PLUS Activities


Language Activities


Song Boards


Cheap Talk 8 Activities




Spanish Boards


Cheap Talk 8 Daily Routine


Nursery Rhymes


Story Symbols


Cheap Talk 8 Songs and Stories


Planning and Recall


Tech Speak Overlays


Choice Boards


Toy Bin Boards


Other downloads can be accessed through the Boardmaker Online site, a community for registered users to share their Boardmaker creations.