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Welcome to our TeachSmart page, rich with information and resources for our Pre-K SPED teachers using a Smart Board in the classroom.

Below you will find a variety of video clips from the Advanced TeachSmart training with Christie Clopton. The longer clips take a minute or two to load.

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Hatch™ TeachSmart Resources

The following are online courses and other training tools provided by Hatch, makers of the StartSmart software used in classrooms with SMART boards provided by the Prekindergarten Program for Childrenwith Disabilities. To access these training and more visit the Hatch website.

star Complete TeachSmart 2.0 training session- (NOTE: For any TeachSmart 1.0 or 1.2 users please request a free ugrade to 2.0 before training)
Designed to meet the needs of our distance learners as well as to fit the rigorous schedules of our educators, this session will focus on the SMART Board technology of a Hatch TeachSmart 2.0 learning system. We will look at the research behind the product as well as how to integrate it into the classroom. Our goal is for you and your children to use the TeachSmart learning system every day, and for it to enhance your teaching in the classroom. To ensure a successful training, please allow time before the training starts to log into the training session. You will also need a phone to listen as well as ask questions. Please have a pen and paper handy for jotting down any notes that you may want to refer back to at a later time.

star Learn how to navigate the TeachSmart 2.0 home page and get started using the activities-
Learn about each of the tabs within the TeachSmart Home navigation page and the key features that support teachers when exploring an activity.

star TeachSmart 2.0: Level II-
Designed for learners with experience using the SMART Boards who are ready to use the board in new ways. Take a deeper look at features and options and using the board to meet the individualized needs of children.

star TeachSmart 2.0: Level III-
Designed for learners who are ready to maximize the potential of the Classroom Portfolio. The training will cover how to capture multimedia work sampling with the SMART Recorder, good practices for saving your students’ work, and ways to share saved activities via email.

star Begin Using the Classroom Portfolio for Your Digital Documentation-
Organization is key for work sampling – this session will cover how to create an organized classroom portfolio and how to save documentation within each folder. Let us know if you use Teaching Strategies Gold and the session can be adjusted to include how to import TeachSmart work sampling.

star Notebook 10 Software Basics-
Introduction to 10 main tools within Notebook 10 and how to maximize within the TeachSmart activities. This session will give users an opportunity to try out a variety of tools and brainstorm about classroom implementation.

star Notebook 11 Software Basics-
Introduction to 10 main tools within Notebook 11 and how to maximize within the TeachSmart/CoreFocus activities. This session will give learners an opportunity to try a variety of tools and brainstorm about classroom implementation.

star Capturing Digital Documentation: Enhance Your Work Sampling & Child Progress by Utilizing the SMART Recorder Tool-
Embrace multimedia by capturing audio recordings of children PLUS all the movements on the SMART Board by using the SMART Recorder. This is powerful documentation for assessments and for sharing with parents.

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SMART™ Resources

The following are online courses, videos, and other training tools provided by SMART Technologies, makers of Smart Boards and Notebook interactive software. To register and access these training materials and more visit the SMART website.

star Getting Started-
The following free training resources will provide you with an overview on how to get started with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, how to use the Gallery and Lesson Activity Toolkit, and how to create engaging, interactive SMART Notebook lessons.    

star Working with InkAware Applications-
This module is designed to introduce Notebook users to the Ink Aware capabilities of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

star Focusing Student Attention in an Inclusive Classroom-
In this 20-minute course you’ll learn how to use SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to:

Guide and focus student attention
Help create an inclusive classroom

star Introducation to SMART Notebook Part I: Software Basics-
This session provides an introductory overview of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. By deconstructing an existing SMART Notebook lesson, you’ll learn various lesson creation techniques and gain an understanding of the software’s user interface and basic functionality.

star Introducation to SMART Notebook PartII: Enhanced Skills-
This session builds on the previous training session Introduction to SMART Notebook Part I: Software Basics by taking an in-depth look at managing and customizing content and resources in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. You’ll learn how to manage Gallery content, create and add themes and link objects to other resources.