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Teacher Handbook- Appendix Y:

Family Involvement


Y1    Welcome to our School - Open House" Power Point ENGLISH version
        Welcome to our School - Open House" Power Point ENGLISH with SPANISH translations
        Presenter Tips
        Increasing Parent Workshop Attendance
        MDCPS Parent Teacher Conference Toolkit

Y2   Late Arrival Signs

Y3   Letters to Parents for the Beginning of the Year
       Parent Resources (FM 6334)
       Getting to Know Me booklet for parents
       Conociendome (Getting to Know Me booklet in Spanish)
       Get Acquainted Day word document
       Beginning of School Letter to Parents
       Bringing Home a Painting Letter to Parents
       Toilet Training Letter to Parents
       Start of the Year Checklist - Spanish - Haitian Creole
       Parent Permission to Photograph/Videotape (FM 6497)

Y4   Letter to Parents of Items to Send
       Things to Send Letter - Spanish - Haitian Creole
       Snack Letter
       Don't Throw It Away!
       For the Sensory Table - Spanish - Haitian Creole
       We Are Looking For - Spanish

Y5   Daily Notes Home
       Pre-K News - Spanish - Haitian Creole
       Picture Daily Report - Spanish - Haitian Creole
       Preschool Home Note
       What I Did Today

Y6   Parent Communication Log

Y7   Parent Workshop Notification

Y8   M-DCPS Parent Pathway and School Board Rule on Parent Involvement:

Y9   Shared Reading Book List (for parents) by Dawn Peralta

Y10 Home Learning Activities
       Home Learning Activities Idea - contributed by Rose Virgile at Thena C. Crowder Early Childhood and Special Education Center




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