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Teacher Handbook- Appendix N:

Positive Behavior Support Strategies


N1  Suggested Curriculum Adaptations for Working with Children with Challenging Behaviors

N2   Assistive Technology Implementation Plan (ATIP) - to be completed to determine adaptations/strategiesword document NEW as of 8/21/17

N3   Examples of ATIPs for Positive Behavior Support:
       Sample #1 (positive behavior support -> FAB/PBSP)
       Sample #2 (positive behavior support -> FAB/PBSP)
       Thanks to Stephanie Rad Quintana for these super ATIPs

N4   Functional Assessment of Behavior (FAB) Procedures
       Functional Assessment of Behavior/Positive Behavior Support Process Flow Chart
       RT Steps for Evaluation

N5   Functional Assessment Interview Form word document

N6   Function Assessment of Behavior - Attachment (Core Deficits)

N7   Functional Assessment of Behavior for Prekindergarten Students (FAB) (FM 6858)

N8   Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) (FM 6859)

N9 Websites for Teachers and Parents on Communication/Behavior word document

N10 Data Collection
       ABC Recording Form word document
       Scatter Plot word document
       Behavior Card (School/Home) word document

N11  Positive Behavior Support Strategies

N12  Links
        Conscious Discipline
        Pyramid Model
        Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children
        Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning




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