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Teacher Handbook- Appendix M:

Programs for Children with Autism


M1   General Program Information
        Definition of Autism
        Elements of a Program for Children with Autism
        Picture Exchange Communication System

M2   Resources for Visually Structured Classrooms and Work Systems
        Visually Structured Work Tasks (zipped folder of photos)
        Photos for Materials and Tasks

        Sensory and Busy Box Toy Labels - Thanks to Claudia Monsalve and Tara Basan for the photos.""
        Individual Activities for ASD - Thanks to Conchita de la Campa for this wonderful resource.

M3   TEACCH Model
        The Culture of Autism
        TEACCH Strategies""
        Daily Classroom Schedule - TEACCH Model
        Daily Lesson Plan - TEACCH Model updated for 2016-2017
        Activities for 1:1 Time and 3:1 Time""
        Work Time Staff Schedule Sample and Blank
        Work Time Rotation Sample and Blank
        TEACCH Progress Report ""
        Progress Report Menu Choices
       Goal Teaching Plan
       Goal Teaching Plan Sample

M4   LEAP Model
             LEAP Info Flyer
             LEAP Daily Routine
             LEAP Daily Lesson Plan
             LEAP Parent Agreement- English - Spanish
             LEAP Positive Behavior Support Plan
             LEAP Integrated Preschool Components
             LEAP Progress Report ""
             Progress Report Menu Choices
        Naturalistic Teaching Strategies
             Incidental Teaching
             Responsive and Environmental Strategies
        LEAP Visuals
             Use of Visuals During Large Group TImes
             Large Poster Samples (zipped folder of .jpgs)
             Planning Poster Visuals (Boardmaker files)
             Planning Poster Sentence Strips (Boardmaker files)
             Small Daily Routine & Individual Schedule (Boardmaker files)
             Large Daily Routine & Schedule Receivers (Boardmaker files)
        Social Skills
---         Social Skills Posters (zipped folder of Boardmaker files - must have Boardmaker software to open and print)
---         Social Skills Visuals (medium) for task analysis (zipped folder of Boardmaker files - must have Boardmaker software to open and print)
---         Social Skills Visuals (small) for super star/reinforcement system (zipped folder of Boardmaker files - must have Boardmaker software)
---         Dr. Jean's Cheer Cards for reinforcement/celebrations


M5   Data Collection
        Data Collection Form (blank)
        Data Collection Sample
        Data Collection Forms Monthly- Language
        Data Collection LEAP Behavior Medication""
        Data Collection LEAP Social Rating""
        Data Collection Goal Break Down Samples (zip files)

M6   Quality Program Indicators
        LEAP Model High-Fidelity Checklist
        TEACCH Model High-Fidelity Checklist
        Non-Model Specific (BAU) High-Fidelity Checklist
        High Quality Supportive Environment Classroom Checklist

M7   Links
        U.M. CARD Center
        U.M. CARD Vine videos
        National Dissemination Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
        Asperger Syndrome Coalition of the US
        Autism Research Institute
        Autism Resources
        Autism Society of America
        Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS)
        Patient-Centered Guides on autism
        Yale Child Study Center Developmental Disabilities Clinic
        Indiana Resource Center for Autism
        National Professional Development Center on ASD
        Lesson PIx




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