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Teacher Handbook- Appendix J:

Assistive Technology


J1   Introduction to Assistive Technology - an excellent, quick, and easy to understand) overview from the University at Buffalo's Center for Assistive Technology

J2   "What is Assistive Technology in Pre-K SPED " Flyer - in English - in Spanish

J3   Pre-K Assistive Technology Guide
      Assistive Technology Assessment- Consent Form

J4   Pre-K Assistive Technology Implementation Plan (ATIP) word document NEW as of 8/20/2017

Sample #1 (communication, social interaction)
Sample #2 (communication, organization, attention, play skills)
Sample #3 (positive behavior support -> FAB/PBSP)
Sample #4 (physical access/seating/mobility)
Sample #5 (positive behavior support -> FAB/PBSP)
Thanks to Stephanie Rad Quintana for most of these wonderful ATIPs!

J5   Assistive Technology Implementation in Pre-K - "ATIP in Every Classroom" power point document

J6   Procedures for Assistive Technology Implementation, Screening/Assessment and Follow-Up

J7   101+ Ideasfor Using the BIGmack® or Other Single Message Communication Devices

101+ Ideas For Using the BIG Step-by-Step™ and Other Single Message Communication Devices or Other Sequential Message Device to Access Curriculum

J8   Adaptation Station Support information for the ATIP including examples of materials, strategies, and tools

J9   AT Consideration & Support Process Flow Chart (prints on legal sized paper)




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