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Boardmaker Downloads - Behavioral and Social

To download, open, edit and print these files you must have Boardmaker software, available at

NEW! I Feel / I Choose by Jillian Landers

"" ""

"I Feel/I Choose" Choice board

Pull off symbols


First Then Board Templates
Choose the template that works for your student, then insert or attach the appropriate task and reinforcer symbols. For more info on using First Then Boards, see the Adaptation Station.

First Then Small


First Then Medium


First Then Large


Mini Schedule/Sequence


First with Choices


Then with Reinforcers


Task Cards
(download includes task cards for the following: drawing, chalk, dress/feed/wash baby, finger/sponge painting, cutting and gluing, legos, making a hamburger, potato head, painting at easel, cotton balls/Q-tips, playdough, cars, shape sorter, stamping/tracing, writing, waterwheel, fishing for letters)


Behavior Symbols (large)


Behavior Symbols (small)


Can I Hold It?


Can I play?


Cooperative Games


Help Me Relax


Hot Diggety Dog


I Need Help


Relaxation Technique Symbols and Example


Relaxation Techniques (Spanish)


Relaxation Techniques (small and large)


Reward System Template and Example



Safe Place Choices (English)

In Spanish


Stop Sign


Social Skills Posters


Social Skills Directions (.pdf)


Social Skills Symbols


Social Skills Reinforcers/Celebrations by Paula Blair


More terrific reinforcers/celebrations are available at Dr. Jean's website for download:

Dr. Jean's Cheer Cards

Stop - Say His/Her Name


Social Story: "When I Get Mad" by Lauren Tracy and Adrian Marban




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