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Adaptation Station- Books and Literacy (Shared Reading,
                                            Phonological Awareness, Story Time)

Use the following list to find adaptations for pre-writing and creative representation (SGD = speech generating device)

Single message SGD | Sequenced message SGD | BELL picture boards and overlays
Language master | Text with Symbols (Symbolate)
Online stories activated with switch and switch interface
Object/tactile books | Adapted page turners |Stabilization of books

Single message speech generating device programmed with repeated lines/phrases of stories

big mack communicatorChildren love to "read" along with their favorite stories, especially those that have a predictable line or phrase that repeats throughout the book. A single message voice output device with the repeated line recorded and ready to go allows all children to participate in this important literacy experience.

Sequenced message speech generating device programmed with story lines

sequencerChildren also enjoy retelling or "reading" along with their favorite stories. A sequenced message voice output device with the story lines recorded and ready to go allows all children to participate in this important bookworm voice output deviceliteracy experience. With each click of the device the next page is read aloud.

The AbleNet BookWorm provides a simple and friendly way for young students or students with disabilities to "read" their favorite books. Set-Up takes less than 15 minutes. Select a book and clip it on the BookWorm. Adapt the book with the stickers and page detector. Record each page. Plug in a single switch if needed. Peers read the story together. (Some Pre-K SPED classes may have this older device (look in closets). If you have one and would like assistance in setting it up, contact the Pre-K Tech Team (smiguel@dadeschools.net).

B.E.L.L. picture boards and overlays for Shared Reading and Phonological Awareness

All students need to be able to participate in the oral language activities of Shared Reading and Phonological Awareness. We feature a HUGE collection of ready-made picture boards and voice output device overlays for the B.E.L.L. book and poster titles we use in our program. These should be used in each and every one of our classrooms!

shared reading picture board for grandpa, grandpa

Click to go to Shared Reading picture boards and overlays downloads page

Click to go to Phonological Awareness picture boards and overlays downloads page

Language Master

Children love to hear their favorite stories over and over. They can do this independently with the Language Master card reader. It is also a good participation tool for reading stories in a small group. MANY of our classrooms have this device (look in closets!) and a limited number are available to Pre-K SPED teachers upon request and/or with a student ATIP.

language master

Text with symbols - Symbolate tool on Boardmaker Plus

Combining text with pictures may be helpful for any emergent reader. Boardmaker Plus software can be used on the computer to generate text with symbols. Printed pages can be made into books. Printed sentences can be cut and pasted into classroom books.

symbolate in book

This tool can also be used with a group of children at the computer during planning/recall times or a small group activity that involvs writing.


Contact Pre-K SPED Tech Team for more information (ddecario@dadeschools.net).

Here is a great description for using the Symbolate feature in Boarkmaker Plus: http://www.spectronicsinoz.com/article/using-the-symbolate-tool.

Online stories activated with a switch and computer/switch interface

The computer is a great tool for learning for all students but it can be an essential tool for independent reading for a child with a physical disability. Many online story site feature stories that are accessible with a switch and switch interface - in fact, ANY story that can be "read" or listened to with a mouse click is accessible with a switch and switch interface. Children can turn pages with a simple click of the switch. The Pre-K SPED Tech Team can help you set up the switch and switch interface. Below you will find some websites with switch accessible stories:

** some sites/activities may require positioning the computer mouse over the page turning icon on the screen **

star Hiyah.net

star Priory Woods School

star Literactive (login and Flash 5 plug in required)

star SillyBooks.net - look for the "click through" versions of the stories

star Help Kidz Learn - sign up required

star Kiz Club

star Tarheel Reader

star Story Place Preschool Library

star Ziggety Zoom

Object books/tactile books

For children at a sensory level of development, books can take a more concrete form. Objects can be glued onto pages or tucked inside plastic baggies on each page.

Tactile books are created by adding textures, such as fur, sandpaper, foam, beads, foil, fabric, etc., to pages of a story book with hot glue. Developmentally young children and children with visual impairments benefit from this adaptation.

illustration in book of a barn using cut pieces of soft form to fill in the outlines illustration of a pig using glued on sticks to create a texture

Adapted page turners

glue dot on page of board book""For a simple, "no tech" way to adapt books for easier page turning, get a board book and a hot glue gun. Put a large drop of hot glue in the upper right corner of the right hand pages. Be sure to let each cool before turning to the next page. This technique keeps the pages separated just enough to let little hands get in between the pages and manipulate them better.

Page fluffers are along the same idea but are for paper paged books. Clip a small square of foam, thick cardboard or kitchen scrubber and paperclip it to the upper right hand corner of the right hand pages.

Ponytail holders (pick the fatter kind)make lifting flaps in flap books or pop-up books a little easier. Just attach them to the flaps with hot glue. page flufferponytail holder used to pull down flap inside book

Stabilization of books with Dycem, Velcro, bookstand

A piece Child turning pages of book stabilized with velcro to the tableof Dycem, a flat, non-slip plastic, can grip a book on the surface to leave little hands free bookstand made with pvcto turn the pages and explore.

Velcro on the outside covers of a book can also be used to fasten it down to a surface or to a square of indoor/outdoor carpet (available at home improvements stores or from the PRE-K SPED Tech Team). Pair this with some hot glue dots (see below) to make page turning easier and many children with physical limitations can interact independently with books.

Bookstands are available commercially, but this bookstand was made from PVC by Cynthia Wheeler, a Pre-K SPED teacher at Arcola Lake Elementary.


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