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... the official website of the Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities in Miami-Dade Public Schools, Miami, FL. We serve children, ages 3 to 5 years old, with disabilities in 204 classrooms in 104 schools around the district. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of each page of this site.

Summer Fun

Summer vacation provides ample opportunities for families to spend quality time together.

The Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disablitiles has developed a Family Activities Calendar with daily developmentally appropriate activies that families can enjoy together. Below are excerpts from the 2015-2016 calendar.

June Calendar
July Calendar

You can further assist your child by:
Setting aside 10 minutes each day to enjoy a calendar activity together.

Encouraging your child to attempt an activity, even when it is difficult.

Encouraging your child to communicate as much as possible. Providing a variety of materials for your child to use - kitchen utensils, old costume jewelry, tools.

Setting aside a place to proudly display your child’s work. Realizing that everyday learning experiences can occur anywhere - grocery store, restaurant, car, yard, kitchen and bathroom.

For families who wish to venture outside the home during the summer, there are vast resources availble within the community.

The Miami Dade Public Library System offers summer activities for children of all ages and providing hands on activites on topics ranging from nutritionand exercise to music and cutlure

Miami Dade Parks offers a Learn to Swim program taught by certified American Red Cross Water Safety instructors.

Miami Children’s Museum offers free entry for residents of the City of Miami on the third Friday of month from 3-9 p.m., with interactive activities and crafts. You can also explore hundreds of bilingual, interactive exhibits related to art, culture, community and communication. Also, once a month, the museum holds Sensory Saturdays for children with disabilities and reserves the museum from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m

Build something at a free workshop at Home Depot or Lowe’s

It is most important to treasure your time together. Childhood is but a brief moment in your child’s life. Remember, you are your child’s first teacher and the teacher who will guide him/her into adulthood.



Don't forget that all e-mails to teachers from the Pre-K SPED office and pertinent Weekly Briefings are posted under the For Teachers menu.

  • Register for the 9th Prekindergarten Program for Children with Disabilities Annual Informational and Classroom Preparation Day on Wed., August 17th. Registration deadline is Aug 1st.

  • Have a safe and relaxing summer

  • The 2016-2017 school year begins August 22, 2016



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